Had Enough? Vote Republican!

We are a group of people who support a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Peach Festival, Saturday Aug 20th

Middletown Olde Tyme Peach Festival 

Saturday August 20th from 9am- 4pm

Come see us as well as many of the 2022 Candidates!

August 25th Meeting


Greg Coverdale; Candidate for State Treasurer

160 Peoples Plaza (a few doors down from McGlynn’s)


September Golf Fundraiser

$145 per individual Golfer      $520 per Foursome               Maximum 140 golfers

Back Creek Golf Club

Entry includes a fabulous lunch during registration and 18 holes of great golf.

Beverages/snacks on the course; throughout the round. Golf prizes and awards. Opportunity to participate in Raffle and Silent Auction.



The weaponization of the Department of Justice continues with the 30 FBI agents raiding President Trump’s home. The media reports that they are searching for documents, but these documents have already reviewed (Miranda Devine New York Post)

The weaponization against Trump allies.

The weaponization against parents at school boards, whose crime was concern about what their children are taught.

The apparent blind eye to serious allegations of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. The Hunter Biden laptop with reports of illegal acts with minors on the possession of the FBI since 2019. The interference of FBI senior leadership in the Hunter laptop.

Democrats funding 87,000 additional armed IRS agents, who will be going after you!

Locally, our state economy is in shambles, we have some of the highest transfer taxes in the country. The Department of Natural Resources is implementing plans to ban natural gas and gasoline powered vehicles by 2035 with no infrastructure to support the increased need for electricity production. The Democrats have attacked our right to self-protection. The Democrats have introduced legislation to force parents’ insurance companies to pay for medical services such as sex change procedures and abortions, without the parents’ consent!

This is not the America, nor the Delaware many of us grew up in.

Yes, we are mad!

We can take back both the Delaware House and Senate this year. Channel that anger right now.

  1. Volunteer to help our Republican candidates.
  2. Donate money! We need money to support our communication to alert you to the dangers that our out-of-control government is forcing upon us. Any amount would help. Please go to our website right now and you can easily donate $25 or more.

Had Enough? Vote Republican